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Easy to Use

Straight-forward yet powerful, our tools allow you balance your energy priorities.

More Tools

One subscription gives you access to benchmarking, energy modeling, utility bill analysis, and climate API software.

Smarter Calculations

Weather-based calculations that implement machine learning algorithms increase accuracy.

Who Uses Our Software

Energy Managers

Our software helps you quantify and prioritize your energy saving projects.

Building Owners

Provide verification that your projects are having the impact you intended.


Add analysis depth to your bids and provide verification for performance contracts.

Energy Auditors

Provide in-depth analysis to deliver impressive reports to your clients.


Learn more about how our software can help you save time, money, and energy

Energy Gauge

Building energy benchmarking, standardized for building types and climate.

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Model Ease

The quickest, easiest weather based energy project modeling software available.

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UBER Verify

Normalize utility bills for weather to standardize project impacts for comparison.

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ClimateZone API

Retrieve ASHARE climate zones and location data by zip code with an easy API call.

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Premium Membership Benefits

  • Access to more energy model projects!
  • Ability to save energy projects!
  • Ability to save more buildings benchmarks!
  • Access to utility billing verification software!


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