Model Ease

How It Can Help You

Weather-Based Energy Modeling Software Made Easy

Project Managers

  • Quantify potential energy project savings
  • Go beyond rough calculations with true weather-based simulation
  • Easy to use so you don't spend hours learning complex software


  • Make your proposals stand-out with in-depth analysis
  • Give your clients detailed energy calculations for design options
  • Simple & straight-forward so you don't need a dedicated energy engineer

Energy Auditors

  • Bolster your audit reports with detailed savings infographics and calculations
  • Provide detailed calculations easily and at a low cost
  • Available anywhere you have an internet connection

How It Works

Model Ease works by calculating both energy savings and penalties for your project using a wealth of weather data for your location. Model Ease uses hourly bin weather data to estimate project impact for each hour in an annual simulation, providing you with detailed monthly energy savings/penalty calculations.


Take the example of a chilled water supply outdoor reset project. In this project, the user defines a control strategy that modulates the chilled water supply temperature higher when the outdoor air gets cooler in order to reduce refrigeration energy. This strategy may have a similar control strategy shown below:

After thousands of bin weather calculations, the software produces easily discernable annual savings broken down by month. The calculations show

  • Fuel Savings/Penalties
  • Electricity Savings/Penalties
  • Total (Combined Fuel & Electricity) MMBtu Savings
  • Total Cost Avoidance
  • Simple Payback

Project Savings Table

MonthTherms SavedkWh SavedTotal MMBtu SavedCost Saved
Jan 0 0 0 $0.00
Feb 0 0 0 $0.00
Mar 0 107.86 0.37 $19.42
Apr 0 443.37 1.51 $79.81
May 0 2072.61 7.07 $373.07
June 0 3031.1 10.34 $545.60
July 0 2424.87 8.27 $436.48
Aug 0 3235.08 11.04 $582.31
Sept 0 2220.29 7.58 $399.65
Oct 0 806.23 2.75 $145.12
Nov 0 182.8 0.62 $32.90
Dec 0 0 0 $0.00
Simple Payback = 7.65 Yrs.

How To Access:

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